What to do if you got ill while traveling

While planning a vacation abroad with russian women,

we try not to think about various possible troubles such as illnesses or accidents. What can happen within 2 weeks? It would seem that the probability of getting ill just right when you go abroad is very small. However, tour operators consider the issue more seriously and sell health insurance together with the tour.

  • The most common cases

It does not come as a surprise to us that the leader among all the insurance cases is catching a cold, which is usually caused by a sharp change in the climate, as well as with overcooling or overheating in the plane. Depending on the condition of the patient, the immediate treatment the illness (taking into account the cost of emergency care and medicaments) will not be cheap (in Germany, for example, it may cost 500 euros). If you think about it in advance and get insurance for traveling abroad, the price of drugs and appointment with a doctor will not even bother you, the insurance company will cover all the costs.

In addition to the cases already mentioned, dental problems and heart troubles are another popular complaints when it gets to travel. Usually the higher the insurance price for traveling abroad, the more cases it covers. The children and the elderly, traditionally, need the stay, especially on alert.

  • Buying insurance will prevent troubles

Taking the probability of an accident into account is better even when buying a tour. For tourists, insurance will cost somewhere from $ 0.2 to $ 3 per day. Cheap insurance may not cover transportation costs if you will suddenly need to be takenyou to your home country on a special trip. Therefore, find a reasonable compromise between thrift and caution. You should always keep in mind that medical care abroad is very expensive, especially in the United States and the Schengen area.

Examine the contract you sign with the insurance company carefully to know what kind of accidents are considered an insurance case and when the insurance comes into play. For example, many companies will not pay for the treatment of a disease that you could have vaccinated at home. Neither does insurance apply to sexually transmitted diseases?

  • What actions to take when you feel bad abroad

If abroad you feel bad, look for the phone number of the call center which should be given by the service of the insurance company. This call center deals with general issues of providing medical care and paying for medical services. Tell the operator the number of your insurance policy, your name, the place where you are, the phone number to contact you and explain the problem.

In the case of mild anxiety, you may be advised to consult a doctor on your own. Be sure to save the bills for the procedures paid, a prescription for drugs and checks from the pharmacy. After returning home, refer these documents to the insurance company, and you willbe get a refund.

If the problem is more serious and you need hospitalization, the company will contact the nearest clinic which it has a contract with, or call a hotel doctor. The insurance should cover all costs in this case.