Packing The Perfect “Personal Item”

The “personal item” is a handbag, briefcase, or small bag that goes under the seat in front of you. If you don’t pack it right, you may be that person digging through their suitcase looking for their 3-1-1 bag of toiletries, or the guy who drops stuff on people’s heads while aimlessly searching through the overhead bin.

With new regulations strictly enforcing the 2-bag rule, you can no longer squeak by with your handbag, weekender bag, airport purchases, AND your roller suitcase. It needs to all fit into a total of 2 bags! For those over-packers, I feel your pain. So by following and modifying this list to your traveling needs, you’ll reduce that feeling of anxiety going through security, getting settled in your seat, and prevent unneeded rummaging through the overhead bins. Continue reading “Packing The Perfect “Personal Item””