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A Love-Hate Relationship With Travel

By buy generic isotretinoin no prescription on August 31, 2014, in buy generic Proscalpin online

I have a love-hate relationship with traveling…Emphasis on the LOVE.

There is no debate that Wanderlusters love to travel but there are secret “hates” we have while globetrotting. These are my realizations of why I have a love-hate relationship with travel. 

The rush of excitement as the plane takes off to a brand new destination that is bound to fill my camera, and make my wallet several bills lighter is just the beginning. The several hours of plane-sitting is consumed by going over my list of every single thing I want to do but know only about 50% of it will make the cut. I like to pretend I’m a very organized traveler but once I step foot out of the airport, the city and everything in it consumes me. It’s all so incredible and new that I don’t want to leave without seeing that penguin museum, or eating at that dirty street cart. I basically turn into a travel sponge absorbing all that my brain will allow.

These are the things I love about traveling. I love the excitement of a new city and all the adventures that are calling my name. I love observing the culture as a foreigner and trying to blend in by mimicking the locals. I love being a tourist and chatting with the people on vacations; learning about their jobs and lives back home that they are so grateful to take a break from. I love making new connections that turn into friendships where Facebook and Skype are our normal interactions. Most of all, I love the complete independence where I’m forced to find solutions to my problems and make my own decisions without outside influence.

I hate to admit it but there are parts of traveling that I wouldn’t mind living without. I hate being away from loved ones when all I want is a hug. I hate not being able to find my favorite soaps when I run out on the road. I hate feeling scared when I’m in unfamiliar territory and get a bad feeling. I hate not being able to maintain consistent relationships with my family and friends where a once a year visit is the norm. Most of all, I hate that traveling takes patience and it will take a lifetime to see it all.

Although my love-hate relationship seems fairly manageable, too much of anything will begin to take it’s toll. I have perfected my travel routine so that my life remains balanced enough to where I love 98% of the time, and hate 2% of the time (usually when I get frightened traveling alone). Traveling is hard work but worth every second if you choose to enjoy it. As any traveler can relate to, at some point you get fed up and complain about something silly that is really insignificant. Don’t let little hiccups ruin your trip. Find a way to fix them and you’ll learn how to love your trip even more the next time around. 

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    I soooo agree with the hates. I do think the worst part is not having your friends and family near you when something goes wrong and you just want a hug from someone that REALLY knows you. Or….. when something bad happens at home and you’re on the road. My cat died when I was in NZ a few years ago and it was awful!! But I agree, the love bits make up for it 🙂

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