What to do if you got ill while traveling

While planning a vacation abroad with russian women,

we try not to think about various possible troubles such as illnesses or accidents. What can happen within 2 weeks? It would seem that the probability of getting ill just right when you go abroad is very small. However, tour operators consider the issue more seriously and sell health insurance together with the tour. Continue reading “What to do if you got ill while traveling”

How to travel with a dog

You planned a trip to the sunny Maldives or want to discover mysterious Montenegro but do not want to leave your pet at home alone or do not trust your neighbors to take care of them?

Then the only option possible is to take a pet with you. What to do in this case, what documents to issue and how to transport animals – this is what we are going to shed light on today.

If you travel with one of beautiful russian women you date, she will definitely help you with that.

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